With cheerful vibes and groovy rhythms, “The Tall Alls” brings everyone together with a catchy joyful tune to celebrate those who were born on Christmas day in his new Americana single “Christina (Christmas Baby)” while shedding the light on a subject that, as he puts it, “doesn’t seem to be widely discussed (or at all?).

The Tall Alls is a solo project born in 2006 by American drummer/songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalist Kenny Buono. With vast experience in the music scene, Kenny started his musical journey as a drummer, notably known for his role in Flight of Mavis band that was reformed years later as Buzz Zeemer with the addition of guitarist Tommy Conwell.

“Christina (Christmas baby)” opens up with a folky acoustic guitar, laid-back drum beat and a crunchy guitar riff paving the way for Kenny to start singing in his flawless raw voice drawing the picture of Christina and her background in the verses. As the pre-chorus kicks in with the words “She was born the same day as Christ” the song starts building up to the chorus which is powered by an overdrive guitar and a catchy vocal line that forces the listener to sing along as Kenny wishes Christina a happy birthday and a merry Christmas. You won’t want to miss this song as it brings the festive experience to your ears in a light and addictive way.