Adam Lang

With bouncy, vivid vibes, Tired of Fighting conveys what it’s like to feel blue in the sunny, summery days in their third single, “Chocolate.”

The Newcastle trio, “Tired of Fighting,” surely knows how to create a single that speaks through one’s gloomiest feelings and lowest times, yet reflects these dark sensations through shiny, energetic music. “Chocolate” is the perfect anthem of summertime sadness, as this season is supposed to come with joy, energy, and lots of time outdoors enjoying the sun rays, but some still have the sombre winter in their hearts, with a dark cloud that makes them lose sight of what is good. 

“They said I need to get up and dig out

A message and a meaning to follow

It must be a drag, to always feel so sad.”

The lyrics are extremely expressive! It portrays the melancholy feeling of depression, and lines like the above capture the part when others try to interfere and give advice like it’s easy to be applicable, while the truth is that you’re feeling like you have a giant rock on your chest, keeping you from moving. The passionate vocals are truly poignant; they make you feel what a depressed person feels, even if you haven’t had such an experience. It aligns well with both the dark lyrics and the bouncy rhythm. The blend of alt-rock and emo rock create a genuine sound which suits the single best, and the instrumentation gives the message its space to stand out, yet they’re what makes the single catchy with the tempo slowing and picking up again, the drums beating hard, and the superb electro guitar riffs. How it’s all coming to an end feels like the person who lived in the shadows is ready to shine again.

I hope whoever is going through a similar experience can enjoy the summer and the sweet taste of “chocolate.” And I hope “Tired of Fighting” keeps creating relevant, moving songs with their distinct, killer sound.

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