Artist Ainsley Costello released her latest breakup pop-punk single “Cherry On Top” on the 14th of December from Nashville, Tennessee.

Supported by a cast of talented session musicians, eighteen-year-old Ainsley Costello’s 24th release, “Cherry On Top” is an absolute pop-punk banger! 

Ainsley Costello sings about breakups with a twist in the meaning, hiding the subtle positive message in between the lines that first sound too familiar, but on each replay, you might start to see her true intentions with the song, and her vocal performance backs this up very well.

Even the production has little cherries and ear candies throughout, with things you might not be used to hearing in a pop-punk song, like the ukulele in the verse or the keyboards and bells. There’s attention to detail here in every layer.

The music video shot for this song is just beautiful to look at, too, with high energy from Ainsley Costello and her supporting musicians, and the vibrant red set design and videography.

“Cherry On Top” hits the mark on every staple of the teenage breakup pop-punk song, from energetic uptempo drums, catchy guitar riffs, and a belting chorus, and Ainsley Costello puts a cherry on top of the pop-punk song we love to hear since we were kids.