Although they classify their music as hard rock, I can feel the metal inspiration through their riffs. The band really amazed me with their output musically and visually. I highly recommend watching their music video, and I would officially rate it as the best heavy metal music video in 2021 that REM has received so far. The music video was perfectly made, synchronized, and impressive. I believe you won’t stop banging from the first stroke. The Texas-based group include five incredible members Minister Roach (vocals, wordsmith), Gotti (percussion, sound engineering), Mucky (guitar, triple 8 steel), Goat (bass guitars, 31 fret womanizer), and Sam I Am (guitar, guitar, guitar) who gathered for just one reason which is to revolutionize the metal output this year. Feel the vibes below and I dare you to control your head from banging! Enjoy!

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Mena Ezzat