Pinstripe latest single ‘You And I‘ is one of the few songs that I heard this year and considered it as a complete rock hit! The track is really impressive by its dynamics, melodies, and all-band tight harmony. I had the chance to chat with the dudes to know more about their latest and upcoming plans! Let’s find out!

● I’d slate you first for such original rock output! The band journey started last year, am I right?
Thanks, we’re really happy with the sound and dynamics this band is pulling together. The writing, recording and producing process started last year during covid when we had nowhere to play and things are falling into place from there.


● I believe that your music relies on modern and vintage elements as well, I’m wondering iconic Australian names like Bee Gees, AC/DC, and INXS were among your local inspiration?
It’s funny how we look at modern music and determine what vintage is. (I guess that’s me trying not to sound so old lol) . Australia had this late 90s early 2000s scene push for well-produced grunge/Alt-rock that we fully respect and want to bring back.
Think more along the lines of a mature Silverchair without the technical song structures. It’s stadium rock that we’re trying to reproduce.

● ‘Everglow’ is highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike. In your opinion, why this song especially had a wide reach than other releases?
We wish we knew lol! When you dig into the song it talks mostly about backing myself to get my songs out to the world. I was really scared for a long time about releasing songs so would hide behind a cover band for joys and kicks. I’m so glad we’re on the other side of that now.

● Two singles in 2021, are they part of an upcoming full-length?
These two songs will remain as singles. We’re six to seven songs written into the Album which will have a slightly different sound and production.. we’re excited.

● ‘You and I’ arrangement is nice, orchestration specifically, was it planned during the songwriting process?
Yes, a big part of the song is the string section. We’re lucky to have a musical genius in Phillip Kratzer who composes all the string sections for the songs. Without him, I’m not sure we would be having this interview lol.

● Also, I believe it’s one of my favourite rock music videos this year, did you collaborate with Christian Kennedy in the video direction?
Christian Kennedy pulled all of our ideas into one. The film turned out amazing and was so much fun to do. The weather was terrible and cold but that just added to the epicness of the clip. Lighting a piano on fire in a large tank of water while having effects lighting and electrical equipment in the rain was challenging but very rewarding.

● I’ve noticed your artistic merch on the website, but I was wondering, do you think the modern digital era may affect bands merchandise someday?
We’re setting up our first merch store for the “you and I” single launch on Friday so I’ll let you know how we go. I think band merch is still alive personally. 90s fashion is in right?

● I am curious to know what lyrical topics that provoke you guys to write songs for?
Lyrics are not our strong point in the songwriting process. But going from the first two releases both songs lyrics take you through light and dark elements of a relationship.

● Finally, thank you for the chat and tell us more about the rest of the 2021 plans.
Thanks for having us. The rest of 2021 will be in the writing and recording process for the new album. We’re throwing in a few gigs here and there to keep our local fans happy as well. We’ve got some big songs written so it’s really exciting to see them take shape. The future is looking positive for us.


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