● First I’d like to salute you for such an impressive single, well done! Tell more more about the beginning of your musical journey, when did it all start?

Thank you! I began my music career at age of 13 with drums and guitar. Punk music was huge thing for me at first and after that came all kind of metal bands including Metallica, Children of Bodom and In Flames. Metal introduced to me a more technical style of playing instruments and I could say that it was some kind of a starting point towards the more progressive style of music. Opeth, Porcupine tree and Messhuggah were very important bands at that time and also today. When I studied music as a profession I founded jazz music. Specially poly metric feel of jazz music is important for me and my style to compose and play music. That was also the main way to learn how to improvise properly.


● Many artists prefer to merge genres together, still, you preferred to keep each with its own specification and characteristics. Am I right?
I don’t think genres so much. The main thing for me is to create different kind of emotions and be honest as possible for my own vision. 

● I know that you recorded all instruments in Cyclone, but I am wondering, are you planning to add other musicians in the future or do you prefer to continue solo?
I’m gonna keep doing every instrumentation by myself. It is a mental thing for me. It is possible to get some features to some songs. Let’s see how it goes. I’ m going to start to do gigs in next year with live band.


● The song topic is very unique indeed. When such an idea came up, also, wasn’t it difficult to express what you feel with no lyrics?
I have used to make music with lyrics, so it was hard at first to do instrumental stuff. It took a few months to figure out how to do it. In the end it was more flow like state to make the song.


By the way, is it a part of an upcoming album?
Cyclone is individual single. I’m going to publish two more singles in next year. Maybe after that I make whole lenght album.


● Your work with Fireproven talks about you, do you think that your solo project progress may affect your current projects?
I think that my solo project affects to Fireproven positively. It’s easier for me to leave more space in a band for other members because I have Solitary.


● The Finnish metal scene is so rich with iconic influential names since the ’80s, in your opinion, how do you describe it now in such a modern digital era?
There’s lots of great bands in Finland. I think digital era is giving an opportunity to bands to get fans all over the world. At the same time it’s hard to make money with your music, but I think that if you have business skills that’s also possible.

● Finally, the COVID effect still threatens our live music scene, what are your promotional plans for the current and the new releases?

It is hard for every musician for sure, but I think that after the pandemic there is more respect for the livemusic. At this moment music promotion is online but thats ok. This won’t last forever. 

Nuutti Hannula Solitary on Instagram and YouTube.

Mena Ezzat