Greetings from Guatemala! An artist who was raised on MTV Network and heavy metal, currently, he went solo for his acoustic project and remarkable album last year. Check out my chat with Ruben O discussing more his music, upcoming plans, and the music scene in Guatemala. Let’s find out!

First, I am honored to have such an interview with you, and really an impressive single indeed, well done! Let’s go back to the beginning of your musical journey, when did it all start?

Thanks for your kind words.
When I was about six years of age, I was fortunate to have and be attracted to a piano. I instinctively discovered I could play melodies by ear. That tapped my interest and desire to go deeper, always returning to the piano. It opened and embraced me to be forever connected to music as a listener, writer, singer and performer.

● Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, among many rock and pop artists in a very long list. When did it start to record for top and famous musicians?

More than 15 years ago, I connected with a number of musicians who performed with and/or recorded with established artists.

● Many music fans don’t understand that an experienced artist chooses his featured musicians carefully, and of course, you chose the best. What is the difference between choosing someone you know his musical sound and character, and just another instrument player?

Catching and locking into the ultimate vibe of how I want a song to sound is exhilarating and heartfelt. Superior recordings and performances naturally result from aligning with musicians whose style, experience, skill, openness and personality are in sync with who I am and what I write. Working with musicians who don’t bring these traits makes the process of recording or performing potentially slower, methodical and tedious, ending in an uncertain, possibly unfulfilling, disappointing outcome.


● If I am correct, At The Boiling Point is off your debut EP. Tell me more about your EP’s lyrical theme.

Preceding the recent release of the single, At The Boiling Point, my last release was the full length album, 24/SEVEN.

At The Boiling Point is one of the songs from my forthcoming EP. The EP’s lyrical theme can be characterized as touching upon thoughts and feelings people can relate to from varied situations.

● I noticed that you love to add other elements to your blues roots. Do you think this helps evolving the genre and provide diversity for listeners or this could be a negative point for dedicated old-school fans?

At The Boiling Point offers appeal to a large, diverse, listening audience. There has been very positive feedback from many people, including, as you termed them, “dedicated old-school fans”. They’ve expressed being locked in and rockin’!


● I was wondering, are you gonna release the ‘At The Boiling Point’ music video soon or for any other track?

As of now, there’s nothing in the works to do a video. But we’ll see what happens . . . you never know!

● Finally, the COVID effect still threatens our live music scene, what are your promotional plans for the current and the new releases?

I’m working with experienced, skilled, responsible people to promote ‘At The Boiling Point’ and forthcoming releases. This includes, among pursuing other avenues, reaching out to as well as connecting with numerous music industry contacts, companies and social media. When opportunities arise, performing live will be a welcome addition.

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