With an EP Ocean Creatures up their sleeve, the Phoenix-based rockers Jane N’ The Jungle are teasing their upcoming EP with the release of their single Raw as a Jewel in 2022, and Wasteland (check out our review herethat’s set to be released on the 19th of May 2023. After reviewing Wasteland, we had the chance to chat with them and get to dig deeper into the band and their latest release, so let’s see how it went.

1st of all we love having you on Rock Era Magazine guys, we always look forward to your releases.

  • I believe that every artist has a cool ‘’origins’’ story so, what influenced each one of you to pick his instrument?

I’ve been drawn to the voice being my instrument of choice from a young age, and always wanted to be a singer.  Brian was inspired by punk rock music to learn the guitar in middle school and formed a band with his friends.

  • Your music incorporates elements from diverse genres/subgenres, from your POV how do you describe Jane NThe Jungle’s sound?

Thank you! We describe our sound as Modern rock with a 90’s grunge influence.

  • Which song off your releases would you recommend for someone who wants to get into your music?

Hmmm this is a hard one… I think I would suggest “Wasteland” since it’s our most current release and hopefully then they will do a dive into our other singles.

  • With your single Wasteland dropping on the 19th of May, can you tell us about its writing process? And what’s behind its theme?

It has a post apocalyptic theme and was inspired by toxic relationships and the feeling of being stuck in a “Wasteland.”


  • Wasteland’s music video has some really cool visuals and artistic touch, what’s the concept behind it? And who was involved in its production?

The music video was directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera at Mad House Studios in Phoenix, AZ.  They wanted to capture the post apocalyptic theme visually with the video and excited about how it all came together.

  • You guys have been performing for a while, do you have any interesting stories from being on the road?

Popped tires, running out of gas, sleepless nights, playing scam gigs, and definitely a lot more but wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Credit: Jim Louvau
  • Have you set a release date for your upcoming EP’s release? And can you share the title with us? 

We hope to release our upcoming EP early next year and still working on a title.

  • What are your plans for 2023?

We are gearing up to get into the studio and hope to get on the road this fall and will be releasing more new music!!

  • Thanks for your time guys, wishing you the best of luck.

Thank you for all your support for our music!!