When we say “”rock performance””, what comes to mind are the great images of rock icons on stage. A photograph is one of the main factors that illustrate a moment in a show, despite being still. The world has changed and has become more in motion, but still images remain one of the essential tools to capture a moment for you. Check out our interview with one of the most prominent rock photographers, Henry Reggeri from Italy.

Tell us briefly about your experience.
I started taking picture of live shows in 1989, as I wanted to meet the Ramones, my idols, and I never stopped since. In the early days, it was a good hobby that later became my work of 15 years. I worked for major promoters in Italy and now I’m the official photographer of Virgin Radio Italy, the biggest music related platform in my country, which we partner up with for major rock events.

When did you start photography and how did you select rock music photography?

I stared taking pictures as I wanted to be part of music world but I was too lazy to start taking music lessons. Anyway, I’ve always been attracted to live photos and records artworks. Rock music is the genre I listen to so I love taking pictures during the shows of bands I like.


Who would you like to take photos of his/her concert?
I took pictures to everyone I wanted to. The only ones I missed that I wanted to shoot were David Bowie and Nirvana. I was not that big [of a photographer] in those days and they didn’t give me the photo pass but I had the pleasure to see their shows and also met them.

Which one of your photos do you like most?
I don’t have a shot that I love more than others, I can’t choose. I only can tell that I love taking pictures of some bands rather than others…. Depeche Mode is my favorite one at the moment

What are the hardships of this field of photography?
Digital cameras brought in the pit an army of young photographers who work for free. They only work for the likes on social networks.

Why did you choose rock music style?
I didn’t choose rock music but Rock chose me!


What advice do you have for rock music photography lovers?
Work hard and with passion so the results will come.

You’ve met many great rock stars in the world, have you ever exhibited these photos?
I’m steadily on the road with my exhibitions…. and I’d absolutely love that!

Photos are courtesy of  Henry Ruggeri.

Edited by: Zee Ismail.