● You’re doing great with Shy Harry, why did you choose to go solo?

Well thank you!! I’ve had an amazing time with the Shy guys, and we’re definitely going to continue going strong, we even have some new music on the way. I found though there was a side of my writing and my story that I really wanted to personally dive into as my own time of growth. It’s also been a fantastic way to collaborate with more folks and keep the creative wheels turning. There will always be large personal elements in my writing for both solo and Shy Harry songs, but something about the solo music feels more vulnerable and what I currently need to address.

● Some fans get afraid that if one member goes solo it may affect the band’s continuity and stability. What is your comment on this?
I can definitely see that concern and have witnessed it in other acts…it is in ways easier as a solo artist. Happy to say though that I’ve always been busier from a solo performance standpoint than with the band and it’s never held us back. If anything I think the two different hats compliment each other and lead to lots of crossover moments. So fear not! Shy Harry is coming in hot with some new music and new shows real soon.


● In your opinion, what are the differences of the music characteristics between Shy Harry and your solo project?
Musically Shy Harry has always been a little experimental in its rock approach and as time goes by seems to get to more of a classic rock style and is definitely pushing for more upbeat heavy hitting hook kinda tunes, though still addressing personal themes and generally fairly serious subject matter, while resolving with a fairly positive message. My solo music is generally more laid back and focusing on guitar melodies. It feels like a partnership between me and my guitar and a much more soulful approach to it, though there are still rock elements.

REVIEW – The Home Light by Eric Bolton 

● It’s 2021 already, still, any subjects related to sexual orientation are a matter of controversy. Weren’t you afraid that may affect your music Career?

Absolutely there are nerves involved in expressing sexual orientation, especially on such a large public platform, but I’ve learned if I can’t put my story out there then I am holding back music creation in a very detrimental way. It may not always be a focal point in my writing, but right now it is as I learn to just share my story. Along with this though, I heard it said that “a good storyteller tells you about their life, a great storyteller guides you deep into their heart that you actually end up seeing yourself.” I am not looking to leave this at mere facts about my life story, but to use my experiences to invite people into a place of exploration of their own lives through similar sentiments. 


● Based on previous questions, may I ask why now you wanted to share it with your fans?
There was some trauma and pain that I wasn’t fully dealing with, and I’d carried it from childhood and into my whole adult life. To share it now meant to stop carrying it further. Singing my song takes it off of me and opens up a new beginning. It had to happen now.


● I noticed that your debut, ‘Genesis’ is in more powerful in sound than your second release. Is the song mode/tempo of the song planned during the songwriting Process?
For ‘Genesis’ I absolutely deliberately wanted a song of energy and victory and was even good with something short and sweet. I actually wrote that song fairly quickly because I knew exactly what I wanted from it. Many times I actually picture what I want listeners to experience, especially in a live setting. So I think of where a song would shine…like a venue style that would be magical for each individual tune, then often let that influence my compositions. Truthfully I’m way more into live performance than anything…and I can’t wait to continue to chase the live moments I’ve envisioned for these songs.

● ‘The Home Light’ is very simple but neat. Was the music video direction your Idea?
Well thank you! I actually have a second element to the video that I hope to one day film to turn it into a bit of a short film moment, but budget was not exactly there for the full vision. In the meantime I went with using my own studio and my ridiculous collection of old mirrors and lamps and created a room within a room. It was an idea I had one night. I wanted to channel a vulnerable introspection.


● Well, two successful singles already, are they part of an upcoming album?
There sure is! Coming at you in early 2022 with another single to lead the way. The single is called ‘Hello, Angels’ and I’m ecstatic about it. It’s a blend of dark rock and a more peaceful melodic chorus. Can’t wait to share that song and then after that share the album.


● Finally, I’d like to thank you for your time, tell your fans more about your comping plans.
Thank YOU! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, and your questions were really cool. Along with what I’d mentioned about original music coming up for my solo work and also for Shy Harry, I’ve also spent a lot of lockdown time in my own studio and have released 3 cover tune EPs in a series titled ‘Rooms’ featuring songs that have inspired my solo writing over the years. The next ‘Rooms’ EP is coming Oct 22nd. I also have a lovely piano version of ‘The Home Light’ with a guest vocalist on the way.

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