⦁ Definitely, I’d slate you first for such original rock output and such an impressive career! The music journey started a long time ago, am I right?

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Mena! Yes, I have been involved in music for about 30 years from the time I started performing and writing songs in high school in Ontario, back around the very early 90’s… Professionally, I guess since about the age of 19 when I first travelled and toured in Canada with my first touring cover band called “Heads Or Tales”.


⦁ I believe that your music relies on retro and modern elements as well, of course, Canada is one of the most influential music scenes worldwide, tell me more about your Canadian inspirations.
I have many Canadian influences for sure growing up in Eastern Ontario. Melodic rock artists like Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Honeymoon Suite and Kim Mitchell come to mind from early in my career, to others later on.

REVIEW – Freedom Road by Cory M. Coons 

⦁ An impressive career indeed and receiving awards is an outstanding addition for any artist for sure. Were these awards as a producer or a songwriter?

Thank you so much… I have been very blessed and honoured to have received some very nice recognition in the independent music industry from the “L.A. Music Awards” (Producer’s Choice Honors), “The Josie Music Awards” (nominations) and “International Singer-Songwriter Association” Awards recently as a recording artist and songwriter.


⦁ Artists nowadays go more for digital trends, social media followers, and streams, do you think this isn’t beneficial enough for any artist unless they performed live?

I still think performing live, and bringing your music to an audience in person is always the most beneficial way to get your music to the people. Of course these days, you have so many other avenues to promote yourself, such Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Facebook social media as well as others… I don’t know if that is enough on its own with Social Media, but it definitely helps in our current times with live shows being far fewer between over the past 18 months.


⦁ Although you’ve got well-made music videos still there aren’t many as well as no recent activity. May I know why?
I have actually had quite a few videos released recently, with songs like “Good Times Gone”, “Leavin‘, “Would You Stay” and most recently my new single and video for “Freedom Road”. Videos are important, but it all takes a good budget usually if you are working with a video team. But I have also put together my unique videos over the years, which sometimes resonate more with people if they are more “real” and show honesty to the songs, or how they may have been recorded and put together. Sort of like a more “Documentary” approach to the process of everything with the song, or sometimes even a “live” concept footage video blended with other shots or scenes. 

⦁ According to your Spotify; ‘Freedom Road’ is the only release this year. Are you planning to release any other singles or an album soon?
I actually had a song earlier in 2021 called “Far Away”, which was an acoustic re-make of a 30-year-old song I did a new version of with my 7-year-old daughter on harmony vocals as a really fun little family project! And now with “Freedom Road” as the latest single, I think it has an important message. I am always working on new material and hopefully will have more new material early next year.


⦁ The concept of freedom is different from one to another but I felt that you’re trying to focus on that freedom comes with responsibility. Is this based on specific actions from people you know or it’s just a general topic?
I think it’s really important to stand up for your beliefs. So that in itself is an important action for people to take. I feel freedom sometimes comes with a cost, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I also believe in the right to freedom of choice. And I also try to speak honesty and truth in my music, while trying to bring a positive light to a sometimes confusing, angry and frustrating time for many people currently. I truly hope the message of this song brings people closer together as apposed to more division in many people on different levels.

REVIEW – Freedom Road by Cory M. Coons

⦁ In general, what lyrical topics provoke you to write songs for?

I can be inspired by many things. Sometimes my surroundings, or ideas that come to me through things I read or see… and sometimes they can be personal lyrics, like a tribute to family members or personal losses. And other times I really like to just try to convey a good story through my lyrics, and also try to bring some positivity and awareness, or a sense of strength from my songs. Hopefully, that resonates with my fans and listeners.


⦁ You’ve signed with MTS Management Group, is this mean you’re going for a rebranding soon for your social activities and website, or just for the single release?
I have been working with MTS Management Group and have had my music released on the MTS Records label with Michael Stover for the past 3 to 4 years. I have known Michael for quite some time, and he is great and does a wonderful job for independent artists around the world. So releasing my latest single is just a continuation of this partnership with him and the MTS Family.
And I am proud to be a part of the family. 🙂


⦁ Finally, thank you for the chat and tell us more about the rest of the 2021 plans.
Currently, we will continue to promote the new single Freedom Road for the remainder of 2021 at least… I am very proud and happy with this song and hoping it reaches more people and potential new fans, but mostly as I mentioned, I just hope it brings some positive light to some darker times recently and brings people closer together. I have been spending a lot of time at home with my family recently, and I also work as a private guitar teacher from my home, and we also currently homeschool my daughter, who is now in the second grade with her homeschooling. So that is a priority right now too, while I try to balance my time working on new music and songs for upcoming future releases in my music catalogue! Thank you so much once again for the wonderful opportunity for this interview! I truly appreciate it, and thanks to everyone for checking out my music and for all of your support! Cheers~ CMC…

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