First, I’d like to salute you for such incredible rock vibes. Tell me did it all start since your first EP in 2018?

Thank you! In terms of my music career, the first EP ‘A Demonstration’ in 2018 was where it all began. I have been playing guitar since I was 12 years old (14 years in total). I had been writing and recording music for a few years before the 2018 EP, but I didn’t release any of it. Once I had the songs written for ‘A Demonstration’ I really felt like the music should be heard and made the decision to launch my music career.


Although you focus more on instrumentals I noticed there’s singing in ‘Continuity’ was it just like a trial, or do you aim to add vocals in the next releases?

Yeah, it was a trial thing for me to write some lyrics and vocal melodies. The funny thing about ‘Continuity’ is that when I tried to sing it, the key was too high for my vocal range and I couldn’t actually sing it properly! Fortunately, I was able to engage Shaun Marshall, a local Rock Vocalist to sing the song for me in the studio recording. I think in the future, I will have an occasional song with a guest vocalist but the music will continue to be primarily instrumental.

You’re about to collaborate with the keys master Derek Sherinian soon. Tell us something exclusive about your next release. 😉

Very exciting news indeed! I have been playing LTD Guitars for some time now, the track with Derek is the first time I will be using my Fender Stratocaster since my 2018 EP ‘A Demonstration’. I can also tell you the track name – it is called ‘Shakedown’ – you heard it here first folks! It is hard to say at present but I hope this track is released in November 2021 at the latest.


It seems you are into film scoring as well, what indie film you’re about to work on soon?

Yeah, film scoring is an exciting new venture for me, I have done a little bit of film scoring in High School for an assessment task and a new project I have just begun will be the first time I get to do it in the professional world. The Indie Film I’m working on at the moment is being produced by Australian Indie film Producer ‘J Point MC’ and it is inspired by the 1986 movie ‘Highlander’. The music I am preparing is to run behind a scene which involves a sword fight to the death, and a theme song for another section of the film. It is yet to be named and the release date has not been finalized yet. Be sure to sign up to my mailing list at or follow me on social media to stay posted on this one!

Definitely you are doing a great job by working solo, but are you aiming to add any members for your project band soon?

Next year I would like to add some members to the project band, particularly in the rhythm section with Bass and Drums. I have a couple of people in mind but nothing set in stone yet. Stay tuned!


It’s pretty obvious that rock icons have a huge influence on your music. In your opinion, what’s the fate of rock music especially that everything is getting trendy electro-pop these days?

This is a great question! It certainly seems that rock music has declined in popularity, particularly compared to where it sat in the 80’s to Mid 2000’s. I think moving forward, Rock Music will be perhaps more of an underground or specific subculture. I think the days of ‘Rock Stars’ or really big international acts won’t re-occur, but there are advantages of this. For the artists who play this style, I see the relationships between the fans and the artists being more direct and unique. I also believe that if the music and melodies are good, rock music still has the potential to appeal to people who might usually listen to other genres like Pop. With so many rock fans around the world too, I think it will never truly die! 


Well, tell your Rock Era fans, are you planning to release a full-length soon?

A full-length release is a big goal of mine and I am aiming to present my debut full-length album in mid-late 2022. In the meantime, I have a new EP Called ‘Power On’ coming out on Sep 3, so be sure to check that out!


Music videos are an important tool for promotion, still, I didn’t find any, are you planning to film one soon?

Definitely, I have commenced production of a music video for the song ‘Separate Ways’ which is coming out on Sep 3 on my new EP ‘Power On’. There are still a few more scenes to shoot for this video but I’m hoping to release it in October 2021.


Finally, I’d like to thank you for your time, but I was wondering if the COVID effect still threatens our live music scene. What promotional plans do you have for the rest of 2021?

Yes, COVID will continue to present significant challenges in the live music space. Here is Australia, it is possible once vaccination rates increase that some live music opportunities may return and I will be keeping a keen eye on the situation. If restrictions are lifted, some local shows are on the cards. Failing that, there is a brilliant online live performance platform called ‘’. Artists can play online for a group of fans anywhere in the world in exchange for tips (usually $1 or $2). I am looking into how to use that platform and may do some performances on there.

Thank you so much for the interview! 

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