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Between the Planets is a progressive metal band from the Czech Republic – who recently have signed with our parent company Naqada Music Management. The band has a very unique sound with a with mix flavours of Djent, ambient, groove, post metal/rock and electronic along with their progressive metal roots. We have got the chance to talk with BTP front-man Martin “”Spacosh“” Perina who’s gonna tell us more about their record “”Of Inner Sight”” among many other stuff. Let’s find out.

●Let’s go back to the beginning. I could see that the band started as a one-man-project, and later became a full lineup. So, what is the story behind it?

It is indeed so. My initial ambition was to record just by myself (maybe with few additional guests) in my studio an album that focused on modern metal, djent and stuff like that. I did not think about live playing back then. But things were evolving, and after the album release, I felt the need to present the songs in live settings as well. Luckily at that time, I got to know an excellent drummer Filip Kittnar and bass player Adam Palma (who played in a great band Mindwork before that) and they decided they were going to play with me. Composing band managing is however still done entirely by me.

● Your first album ‘Immersion Into The Unknown’ was produced in 2013, and later ‘Of Inner Sight’ in 2017. Why did it take four years to produce another album?
The creating process of the debut album turned out to be pretty demanding – it’s really a lot of work for one man. That’s why I needed some time to relax after the release. I started working on songs for the second album since 2014 or so. The entire process took place up until second half of 2016. In June 2016, we went to Biotech studio to record drums and after that the rest of the instruments in my studio. Then the mixing took some time (again in Biotech) and on spring 2017 everything was done and it was just necessary to wait for artwork – done in the end by Lukáš Lancko. So, the release took place in autumn 2017 in the end.

● In your opinion, what did you learn while working on ‘Of Inner Sight’ after the four years from your debut?
In the new album, I’ve been more experimenting with the structure of songs, and I think there’s even more noticeable influence on post-metal and post-rock elements.

● Some metal lovers get confused between the difference of Djent and Progressive genres. Can you clarify it more?
It’s just a game with words to me. Wikipedia says “Djent as a style is characterized by progressive, rhythmic, and technical complexity accompanied by a dense layer of polyphonic groove” 🙂
And allegedly the name came to be by accident. It was not supposed to be a name for the musical style but people started using it just for that. But if we want to understand the word, “Djenas a style of music then definitely as a sub-genre of progressive.”
But I have to confess all these definitions are a little funny to me. I never really cared about styles. I like a certain multi-genre, no boundaries aspect in music. I like to use motives of different musical styles, I like colorful music.

● So, how did you get influenced by Djent and choose it to become your main music style?
I don’t really think that the music of Between The Planets is pure “Djent”. There are other characteristics applied, but as I mentioned in the previous answer, I like to add elements of different musical genres and I hope it resonates with our music.
In any case Between The Planets is not the only band I play in. Among my other bands are Sousedi – electro-acoustic ambient, a band utilizing a violoncello and a guitar. Then there is a post-rock project Elbe, and experimental metal project Martians and I may have forgotten something 🙂
How did I get into djent? Through Meshuggah. 🙂 They get almost everyone!
To this day, I am delighted by already a legendary solo album of Fredrik Thordendal, ‘Sol Niger Within’. But of course, other influence or inspiration came also from listening to the next wave of bands like Tesseract, Animals and Leaders, among others.

● It seems there was a lot of effort for the new album, and there were some guest musicians as well, right?
We have a few guests on the new album ‘Of Inner Sight’. The most known of them is Jørgen Munkeby of the Norway band Shining. I really like his style of saxophone playing and I am thrilled that he recorded the saxophone parts in songs ‘Inside’ and ‘Along the Horizon’. I feel it really contributed to the songs. Another guest is a Czech singer Barbora Mochowa, which sings vocals (without lyrics) in two songs. The third guest is my colleague from the band SOUSEDI Karel Žďárský.

● Well, aren’t you risking the band royalties when you make it instrumental only, or do you have other plans in mind?
Currently, I’m working on new songs which should include vocals. But for now, it seems it is going to be just a studio collaboration. The current vision for the next album is approximately 50% songs with vocals and 50% instrumentals. We’ll see how it’s going to be.

● But again, you’ve uploaded the whole album on YouTube, won’t that affect the album selling on platforms like BandCamp?
These days it’s totally common that a band streams an album publicly. I don’t think it should be any problem. If anyone like our music, he has an opportunity to support it by buying the album in digital or physical CD format.

● What is the main concept behind the music video of “Inside”?
The primary idea is characterized by words like an inner world, fantasia, an endless universe in your own mind, etc. Based on these words the creator of the video Michal Skořepa came up with a story, where a careerist lady (a kind of mimsy manager) goes through some kind of inner transformation and self-recognition throughout the video.

● A track like Along the Horizon really attracted my attention, because I could see it more based on eastern style with Phrygian flavor. What is the main theme of it?
I’m not sure I can exactly answer what is the main theme of this song. Listening to it I feel a touch of some huge space, calm observation of horizon of something – like outline of sea level or even stars in space. I like when everyone visualizes something for himself.

● It’s your second cooperation with ISIS Design Studio, to let them handle your newest album. In your opinion, how should a musician choose a digital artist to express his music works perfectly?
Yes, the graphic artist Lukáš Lancko created the artwork for our first album. And because I was satisfied with his work I asked him to work also on our second album. He is an exceptional 3D graphic artist.
Generally, it is good to get to know with various work that the graphic artist did in the past and based on that decide whether to collaborate or not. That is the case in all areas, not just the graphic.


● You were very keen for the mix and mastering process to choose one of the high-profile Czech studios, Biotech. Do you have any advice for newcomers regarding choosing sound engineers and studios?
It is similar to the previous answer. I personally would never give my music to mix and master to anyone I would not know how he works. That’s why it is good to go through few studios look for their references and decide based on that. The Biotech Studio (or more precisely the owner Ecson Waldes) works very well and is a quality modern recording studio in the Czech Republic.

● Are you having gigs and tours soon guys?
Yes, in these days we embark on our Czech Republic tour with 9 gigs. Our partners are going to be DYING PASSION from Czech Republic and also my aforementioned project ELBE. We can’t wait.

● Okay, for sure I would like to finalize with; what are your plans for the future?
As I said – currently to successfully play the Czech tour. Continue with a propagation of our new album. Soon we will also release a new single – it will be a song with vocals (so kind of a new thing for us).

○ Recently, you’ve signed with our sister company Naqada Music Management, is it mainly to promote for your latest album, or you have other plans in mind for promotion?
Currently, a support of our album, or the new single (to be released in spring), is important to us. It would be great to get on pages of at least few of the big worldwide musical magazines. 🙂