Asgard Raven’s “Chasing Your Dreams” is your after-midnight thoughts but with a cultural concept and explosive rock-pop sound.

The UK and Andover-based artist Joe, who’s the mastermind behind the musical project Asgard Raven, blends anthemic Britpop with driving guitars and pulsating drums, offering us an introspective journey wrapped in a feel-good experience, like the case in “Chasing Your Dreams” here.

“Chasing Your Dreams” provokes the big questions you need to ask yourself: What legacy am I leaving? What did I do with the time I had? Did I make peace with myself? What’s my destiny? And more, while Asgard Raven takes a journey in the ancient Egyptian style to the gate of the afterlife.

The lyrical theme is not only captivating, but each lyric is skillfully crafted to narrate a compelling story, offering optimism and relevance. Furthermore, the vocals are electrifying, exuding the energy of the theme and harmonizing with the pulsating guitar riffs. The spirited solo section propels the journey to greater heights, and the entire irresistible melody resonates with stadium-style energy!

If “you have been running around chasing your dreams,” it’s “time to make peace with yourself,” and the Asgard Raven revolutionary song below will help you!