The song is about a man who is chasing this woman that he likes. The woman however seems to like being chased, so she leads him on, and then lets the chase start all over again.

Beyond that, it has beautiful lyrics, with lines like the opening “Chasing you is like chasing a star”. The whole composition can be described as where Soft Rock and Indie Pop meet –a very upbeat tune that gives a mix of The Wanted and Coldplay vibes.

Lindsay Jupp created Strange World Music: “Is not in the normal sense a band or group, it is me with a family of talented artists/singers and producers making music.” –says Lindsay.

“I have eclectic tastes in music ranging from the 40s right up to the present day. My lyrics are inspired by love, fiction, fantasy, environment, how people treat each other and more. I try to write in a way that my lyrics are universal.”

The end of the song goes like “Blow me away”, repeating that line a couple of times until the whole song fades out.
Indeed, this song gets you grooving and moving even when the main theme is about a saddish topic that people can relate to, and when you know how to create something that inspires people, you are indeed an artist.
Strange World Music was nominated for Best Classic Rock Act; Radio Wigwam online Radio
Awards 2021.


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Mercedes Thomas