For every tree-rooted human being who won’t feel they belong to where they are. Moving is part of your life, it’s what’s gonna make you feel alive having blood flowing within and you would wake your essence up, only if you decide to let everything go and ‘Chase The Sun’.

From Ohio, United States comes a vast invitation for every non-belonging human to ‘Chase The Sun’ the title of the newly released single by Alternative Rock/Pop artist Apaolo.

‘Chase The Sun’ remarks the debut professional record for Apaolo in his career and a kick start as it sounds in the track as it begins with seconds of intro drumming just before introducing the Pop/Rock themed intro with melodic keyboard tunes and a distorted guitar riff that reminded me a lot of Alanis Morissetre’s “Guardian”. 

Guitars are introduced perfectly in the intro of the track but concerning the chorus, I believe Apaolo should’ve applied a less distorted guitar effect to give the track a more harmonic theme.

The vocals of Apaolo are clean yet need some sharpness to sound clearer and brighter, the same applies to the guitars and keys; the track’s quality needs to be improved from my point of hearing.

Take a listen to the track and tell us your thoughts.