BodMachineArt/Danyl Goodall

Please Pretty Lea is a band that is here to conquer all expectations and surpass artistic and creative boundaries and this shows in the new single ‘Chaotic’, an alt-pop rock tune released on the 23rd of November from Bewdley, UK. The song is produced by Zaq Sawyer Coffee. With over 50,00 streams, the band showed up on Ditto discovery for her release Ohheyaide, and received attention through Birmingham reviews. 

A shocking collection of dark thoughts and feelings theatrically displayed in a musical piece that does. Or fail as a new brand of rock-pop music that we much needed. At first, you can’t even describe what you’re really listening to because of how new and extremely dynamic this song is. It talks about dealing with someone who has Ill intentions. The name of the song perfectly represents this in lyrics and musical composition. The overall sound of the song is high in energy, devilish and very exciting in the mood. The soundscape is a little bit of pop meshed with harsh rock/ or even hip-hop sounds. The best kind of imitates a scared heartbeat. The sound of the instruments’ mash-up is hardcore harsh and thrashy, which is balanced out by the playful female vocals. There is a very prominent and heavy bass that is the star of the track the song is fast-paced, with many transitions that slow down the tempo of the song completely, paired with heavily textured effects like whispers and evil laughs. This has to win the newest sound award for sure!