Matt DeAngelis struck me with a sound that’s incredibly unusual, given how contemporary and ‘normal’ everything seems to look and sound.

Hailing from the town of Turnersville, New Jersey, Matt DeAngelis is an indie singer

Songwriter whose music reminded me of the warm, earthy, and accessible vibes of The Frays. This strain of indie pop that leans a bit on rock’s heavy hand usually creates interesting blends of sounds and vibes, think someone removed the distortion from Linkin Park. What Matt DeAngelis offers to further this is a quite unique vocal performance, with an impressive range, control, and an incredibly well “acted” performance. The composition of this song is simplistic and straightforward, but with a delicious rhythmic twist in the chorus, in which the song literally skips a beat, things are kept fresh and exciting throughout. 

The vocals that go incredibly high and play all over the place, before demanding a change in our ways in that chorus as that beat is dropped is an eye-opening moment that immediately grabs the attention. The inspired lyrics that discuss how opinions have tended more and more to become polarized in recent years, enticing more fights than constructive discussions, are rich and compelling, and an awesome guitar solo near the end is absolutely euphoric.

Change Your Ways is an energizing, amped-up pop number from the talented Matt DeAngelis. With thought-provoking lyrics, impressive performances across the board, neat musical shifts and ideas, and a complete-sounding production, this song is a delicious meal that you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again.