Hybrid Kid is an alternative/indie trio from the UK that refuses to play by the rules. They’ve been around for a number of years and so far, they slowly built themselves a cult of underground following. They are not afraid to experiment and add their own input into whatever genre they are playing and you can hear this clearly on their latest single “Change you Mind” that we are going to review today.

“Change your Mind” starts with a raw acoustic arpeggio with a melancholic touch that keeps on growing as the song progresses, especially with the violin “or maybe it is a violin effect” section. The vocal melody is full of emotions, it feels so natural and organic and reflects the rawness and melancholy of the music, the vocal harmonics at the bridge and chorus are made in a very subtle way adding another layer to the music and reflects Hybrid Kid’s attention to details. The bassist and the drummer have cool chemistry and they both know what they are doing, they exactly know when to stick to the melody and when they can go free and break the steadiness of the music. 

“Change your Mind” is an emotional and experimental trip, you’ll have to play it a couple of times in order to get all of its layers and details. I would love to see where they can go from there and how their upcoming record would sound like.