Break Fate, an alt-rock band hailing from London, United Kingdom, just released their newest single “change the world”. Break Fate consists of lead singer Mashana and Lead Guitarist Ricky. 

At first listen, Mashana’s voice is enchanting and passionate, I fell head over heels over this song as soon as I heard it. Other than the ethereal vocals, the cover art is beautiful. Such a beautiful concept and creative illustration in reflection to the name. Alongside Ricky’s kickass guitars, this just became my fav new song. The lyrics were so uplifting and boosted my spirits, and it reaffirmed my faith in our generation. The drums were super crisp, I got goosebumps. Just 3 minutes and 34 seconds of pop punk goodness.

In conclusion, I just found my new favorite rock song. These guys are bound to “change the world” indeed! All those Spotify streams are well-deserved! Bravo Mashana and Ricky!


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