Swedish metalheads Pressure are back with a new story with their latest single “Change Me” via Xing Records. With two albums up their sleeves, the Stockholm-based melodic headbangers hit again with a story about one of our deepest insecurities. Everyone wants to be liked but, shall we show our true colors, or do we have to change in order to be liked?

The very 1st thing that stole my attention in “Change Me” is the guitar work, its dominant well-crafted melodies made it the main character of Pressure’s new story. “Change Me” opens with a shredding guitar melody that sums up a lot of its sound, the guitar lines flow smoothly and freely in an interesting way throughout the whole song controlling its flow and dynamics with a great sense of melody and mood, and backing up the vocal melody touching emotional areas the vocals couldn’t hit. The conversational/storytelling vocals twisted the dynamics and created an interesting setup with bold, upfront delivery completing Pressure’s story metal formula.

“Change Me” tells an interesting story in a theatrical delivery with an extremely melodic heavy metal setup. It shows Pressure’s solid vision, songwriting skills, and clear sound direction. Looking forward to more from Pressure, Keep on rocking guys, cheers! 

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