After being noticed through her participation on NBC’s The Voice, singer/songwriter Lisa Ramey kickstarted her career, mixing her diverse influences and working her magic on them to create her very own unique sound. Ramey released her debut record “Surrender” in 2020 and as her second album is on the way, she teased the mesmerizing single “Certainly Lord” on the 11th of November 2022, let me tell you more about it.

“Certainly Lord” opens with a folky guitar and classic gospel vibes before it explodes into a more modernized open sound. The layering of those groovy tribal beats, blues-dipped guitars, ad-libs, and vocal harmonies is impressive! They all go together in perfect harmony with neat production, creating an extremely enjoyable dynamic structure that’ll get you hooked right from the start. That uplifting structure has a beautiful fluid ascending progression, it gets more alive with brighter sounds as it moves on, Ramey tunes things down a bit around the middle of the song, before flexing her angelic voice’s abilities after she nods to her rock influences with a rocking solo. All that is topped by Lisa Ramey’s powerful, diverse vocals that control the whole song’s dynamics through her captivating performance, until she ends “Certainly Lord” on a high note showing her uniquely powerful voice. 

Lisa Ramey brings her modern sound, powerful voice, and diverse influences into the world of gospel, creating something her very own on “Certainly Lord”. She managed to keep things interesting with her catchy tunes and charismatic voice, even while taking intense dynamic turns. A really enjoyable ride with Lisa Ramey that I’d love to get on again, looking forward to more, keep on rocking, cheers! 


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