Some relationships drain us, asking for more than we can give. fxrrvst’s “CBAYAOM” fights back with energetic harmonies, a song for those who refuse to be pushed around.

Toronto’s fxrrvst (pronounced “forest”) blends alternative and indie rock, pop, and emo influences into catchy music. Holly Forrest and Matt Fuentes, the duo behind the band, are all about good tunes, protecting the planet, and spreading positivity. Since 2015, they’ve been rocking out, creating music they love, and making eco-friendly merch to support good causes.

Can’t Be All You Ask Of Me, or “CBAYAOM,” is an upbeat rock/pop blend that exudes a cheerful, upbeat vibe while expressing a gloomy undertone. The catchy drumming, the vibrant synth, the intriguing driving riffs and bass lines, and the overall euphoric atmosphere make you want to dance and hype up. The energetic sound and the song’s lyrical content are perfectly balanced by Holly’s vocals. She performs in a way that is so powerful, emotional, and touching.

The overall production is polished and professional, showcasing the tight arrangement and clear harmony between Holly and Matt. It’s a testament to their musical chemistry and a great example of fxrrvst’s all-around quality music.

While “CBAYAOM” deals with the frustration of not being able to meet all expectations in a relationship, fxrrvst itself goes above and beyond. Their catchy tunes, infectious energy, and impressive musical skills deliver an experience that exceeds what you might ask for.