The variations of rock music are impressive. This musical art form has been a great influence for me through the past 20 years. I have always admired finding a new artist or a band who knows how to use this genre and delivering it elegantly. And yea! One and a half Dog is one of those bands. Let’s dig deeper below… 

Hailing from Norway, the incredible country of the extraordinary Viking lands, and one of the countries that has been a great influence for the rock and metal world in the past 40 years! I believe any Norwegian artists now, have been influenced by their ancestors in a way or another. Of course, if I am living in a country that includes Mayhem, Gorgoroth, TNT, Satyricon, Enslaved, Saft, Raga Rockers, and many others I would be inspired for sure, and my musical library would be unparalleled. 

Sadly, it’s my first time listening to these guys. One and a half Dog consists of 5 experienced musicians who are capable through their music to take you in the sky to feel the international rock/metal influences along with the Norwegian scene legacy for sure. The track is well-made, as I said previously we are talking about ‘experienced musicians’ why? Because this kind of a mix isn’t easy to do, still, it is a piece of cake for such artists. The beats, vocals, guitars, and a whole mix go so smoothly they will just keep the song on an endless loop! Yeah! I have been doing this for the past 3 hours! It’s kind of the music that you find words would be speechless. You know that feeling when your words aren’t enough to describe the beauty! I loved the solo and how  they used a harmonic scale to express the whole track, also, how this scale was merged with an oriental-feel. 

As they mentioned in their press info; they aim to revive the classic rock scene, I believe they did, and doing, and we are talking about an iconic rock act over here. Don’t waste any other moments in your life trying to find new good rock vibes to listen to, simply, because it’s all available there in ‘Catch 22.’ Ah! Again… don’t miss the solo! Enjoy! 😉