While everyone was attempting to make 22/02/2022 a special, memorable day, the outstanding duo “Jaye Madison” made it happen by releasing their heartwarming single “Catch 22.”


The Nashville-based twins, Jordan and Madison Skinner, with their stunning country, Americana, and folk sound, were able to sum up what being new in adult life feels like. We are born, we enjoy our time, and then we turn 18 and have some decisions to make. After that, set a foot in the twenties and watch it go in the blink of an eye. Being in your twenties is exciting, overwhelming, and only happens once. The thing is, most of us spend these days that are supposed to be the best days of our lives in a hurry, in fear, with a spinning wheel full of thoughts in our heads, and as if we’re always missing something. It would take a while to explain it, but that’s the beauty of “Catch 22”, as there’s no need to when you have relevant, powerful lyrics speaking through you. Every line in the lyrics is heartfelt, and there’s no doubt that they illustrate the story that we’ve all been through.

The single begins with a pleasant tune played on a soothing acoustic guitar, and once Jaye Madison’s vocals join, they charm you into listening to it on loop. The vocals are very touching, vibrant, and powerful, with the ability to reassure you, and the instruments harmonise with them and leave enough space for them to shine. The song was flawlessly produced by Mikal Blue and Dean Dinning.

It’s a coming-of-age anthem, and I wish it was out there when I turned 22. However, it was nice to hear, “There’s no worry. You’re in no hurry “with this passionate voice. You too should slow down, breathe, and listen to “Catch 22.”

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Viola Karmy