Zenta Sato is the one behind The Bakaneko Project; he’s the one who composes, plays, and records all the music. All the music is recorded in the artist’s home studio which is based in Tokyo, Japan. All his music is inspired from cats, their sounds, behavior, movements. Its “cat-inspired” music. This is the artist’s second album released after the first one “Love Cat First Sight” which was released back in 2014 and had 12 songs. 

“Cat me If you Can” is the new album released by the artist with 3 songs less this time making them a total of 9. Each title of a song gives away the context of the song; “Cheese it”, “runabout”, “The unknown”, all are catchy and fun titles. All the tracks are instrumental except for a few sound effects of laughs, gasps, and whispers. The overall vibe of the album is odd, sometimes you feel the 90s vibe then shifts to punk, a little rock essence then takes you on disco/dance mood, other times you find yourself in a space/futuristic place and floating through it. one thing for sure, the artist doesn’t let you settle in a place for some time, it shifts and turns and its unsettling for the listener, it surely tests your comfort zone. in “in a waking dream” I found the orchestration appealing but then moving to “Cheese it” I felt more shifted to punk/rock style before it turned all futuristic. “The unknown” he made sure it sounded more suspenseful. “An hour with a bat” there’s lots of synths, guitar riffs, sound effects and diminished chords. The artist made sure that his music didn’t fit within a specific genre if anywhere at all.

Only three words to describe this album: Abstract, Chaotic and Experimental. It’s not the usual musical experience that you would listen to in a car drive, a walk in the park or even while sitting at your desk working. It’s a rare encounter and surely might not be appealing to everyone, but sure will take you on a different musical journey.