I can tell you that Markus Murphy’s “Castle Made for Two” features a dreamy, blended sound, hypnotic layered vocals, and emotive lyrics, yet I won’t be giving away its aesthetics.

The Montréal-based aptitude, Markus Murphy, doesn’t let genres restrict him. He unleashes his musical prowess, gathering both retro and futuristic flairs, and offers an ecstatic performance. His latest single, “Castle Made for Two,” is the perfect ride for a cosmic made delicately of jazzy fabrics with a dream pop sensibility.

“Castle Made for Two” uses a soothing psychedelic tactic to convey a melancholic feeling of solitude. Through the charismatic, mesmerizing vocal performance and its overlapping maneuvers, you’ll feel as if you’re in a castle made for two, all by yourself.

A peaceful intro opens the track, setting the mood for you and preparing you to vibe throughout. The instruments harmonize together as if they’re dancing, and with the vocal marking its notable entrance, the discography has been neatly crafted.

The groovy instrumental part is where you’re enticed to dance relentlessly till you feel your soul refreshing up. It’s one of the spectacular things about the texture of the song; each element gets to shine and steal your heart. You can feel Markus Murphy’s remarkable musicianship in this part and its sonic euphoria.

If your spirit mashes with jazz jams, you’ll become an instant fan of Markus Murphy and beg for more.