In my opinion, ‘Cascading through the Perpetual Colors’ is a great original ’60s psychedelic output. The music structure here is pretty melodic and it provides a unique western and eastern flavour that I didn’t find anywhere else recently. Well, I listened to it twice before writing and I felt that the structure of the song was mainly built on improvisation, and I really like tracks that are based on feeling and I even got surprised that it was actually the main purpose of Steven while working on the track “This track was sparked by a feeling rather than composition or musical idea. It was completely improvised from the opening synth cello part. It was captured using a single room microphone. As I was playing, I was imagining drifting on the currents of the multitude of colours we call life. The pinnacle of the mountain peak to the many valleys below. As the track was not mapped out in any way, I feel as though I was spiritually led throughout the experience. It was definitely otherworldly.” – he explained. Well, I just dislike the music video, because I felt it’s not that strong animation compared to the music itself. Anyhow, it’s a smart move to make all his tracks available for download. You can find it all through his website here

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Mena Ezzat 


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