Well, some people would think that I exaggerate with such an introduction but really I was speechless with such alternative progressive output. The year of 2016 witnessed the birth of an incredible project that has a lot to present for its fans by blending modern alternative tunes with progressive elements characterized by deep lyrics, catchy riffs, and warm vocals. The variations of this track are impressive indeed in a glimpse they will take you down and up through their song structure diversity, my favourite parts are a lot here indeed but I recommend you go to the third minute of the track and you will be amazed by the alignment of vocals and lead guitars. It’s just WOW! Last year, Panini Project released their debut EP “Void” and was produced by the label kiwisound and in 2021 they come back very strong with the finest tunes that you’d ever listen to during the past decade! Find ‘Cape Virgin’ on their Spotify below and don’t forget to check their other tracks. Enjoy!


Panini Project on YouTubeApple Music, and Spotify.



Mena Ezzat