As the year is coming to an end, we intend to reflect on what we’ve done and what we needed to do but were too afraid to do. “Can’t You See” by The Phantom Friends, with its raucous sound, arrives at just the right time to be your loud conscience voice telling you it’s time to break free and get rid of the negativity that is killing you.

What do Phantoms and The Phantom Friends’ music have in common? Both are hunting! Richie Gaiser on the lead vocals and guitar, Dominic Birckbichler on the harmonies and bass, Harrison Saunders on the drums, and Matt Wilson on the synth, vocals, and auxiliary guitar make up a group of friends, roommates, and the Charlotte-based rock band, The Phantom Friends.

“Can’t You See” is the quartet’s latest single, which demonstrates their heavy rock sound, charismatic performance, and relatable themes. If you, like me, are being introduced to the band with this single, then they’ll win your heart easily after the first listen. I mean, can’t you see? They’re dope!

With the vocals being both delicate and raspy, they blend well with the instrumentation’s vitality, as each instrument sounds both soft and wildly screaming. The synth drives firmly while the bass goes tense, the drums mesh dynamically, and the guitar riffs keep it clean, so they all together offer a lusty symphony that harmonizes with the vocal to penetrate the sealed parts of your mind.

The song is written, performed, and produced flawlessly to convey through all the elements how it feels to be trapped in the same patterns, silencing what’s needed to be said out loud, delaying confronting yourself, letting your head be filled with negativity, while what you need to do is “Open up your heart and let it out, you’ve been tryin’ to break these walls, and now you know, you gotta let it burn.”

High-energy bursts from all components to liberate you, encouraging you to scream what you’re holding inside, until an actual scream makes its entrance to show you how it’s done. To sum it up, the fast pace, thrilling twists, catchy hooks, and addictive chorus are what give the single its fiery spirit and make it stick in one’s head. Can’t you see? You’ve found a rock gem to be added to your playlist.