All times are a good time to hear a vibing rebellious rock song! Micheal Fordays’s “Can’t Stop” creates its own urgency, demanding to be heard whenever you need a shot of adrenaline.

“Can’t Stop” explodes as a full-blown alternative rock anthem. Unapologetically, it pulls no punches in its portrayal of a corrupt society.  The lyrics expose the fainthearted who “Choose to turn a blind eye” and the power-thirst who targets power “Even if it costs blood ” to get ahead. All elements of the song gather to scream with righteous anger, a call to action against those who settle for mediocrity. The song acknowledges the inevitable consequences, but with a tinge of sadness that nobody seems able to stop the downward spiral.

Fordays delivers the message with charismatic, almost sarcastic vocals. They’re powerful and raw, refusing to be silenced by injustice. The line “No bullet for my soul” suggests a resolute determination to fight for what’s right, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

 Fiery riffs and dynamic drumming create a pulsating foundation, while playful and twisting horns add a layer of unexpected energy. An engaging keyboard weaves through the soundscape, and the blowing solo adds depth and texture. It’s such an infectious sonic experience.

One more thing you can’t stop: the irresistible song once you play it!