The latest release from rock singer-songwriter Pheelynx is entitled “Can’t Get Away” and is a pop-punk anthem with lots of details to keep you coming back and enjoying. 

The track has a short duration (2 and a half minutes) and so it spares no wasted moments or filler content…we begin by listening to the strong drum beat and the wonderful bassline that will influence you to bang your head like you’re having your own private concert in your bedroom.

The vocals have little to no effects to them…or the effect used makes them sound like a raw strong single layer. With a clean tone and a powerful chest register, you will feel every consonant and every moment of emphasis with a lot of power.

The guitar has a pop-punk influence…the vibe lies somewhere between 90s era Green Day and early 2000s pop-punk bands who were all about making anthemic and memorable songs…and that mix works so perfectly. 

In conclusion, this song (in 2 minutes and a half) manages to do what a lot of bands are failing to do nowadays by keeping that punk-ish spirit amid a percussive song with gripping guitars and a strong bassline that’s easy to follow throughout the song. A killer song from start to finish.