Credit: Brandon Fletcher

The Bankes Brothers are about to light up Canada’s indie-rock scene and ignite audiences everywhere. Since the release of their debut single “In Waves” in February 2023, the band has garnered acclaim and recognition across Canada and beyond – regularly showing in the Top 5 on Canadian commercial radio’s alternative charts and seeing constant support on Sirius XM’s The Verge for the past year.

Now with the highly anticipated unveiling of full EP In Waves, alongside the final track, “Walkin,” all eyes return to The Bankes Brothers for what promises to be another banner year for one of Canada’s rising stars in contemporary rock and roll, set to embark on a whirlwind tour of the UK alongside Red Rum Club. Walkin is about doing your own thing – gut checking you know?

The EP can best be described as a six-track shot of dopamine spilling over with irresistibly catchy melodies, exhilarating vocals, and joyous indie-rock instrumentation. Produced and recorded by indie legend Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, The Zolas, Mounties), In Waves is the culmination of the band’s wide-ranging influences – from Elvis to The Strokes, Paul Simon to Pixies – coming together in a way that defies sonic parallels, yet remains welcomingly familiar.

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