3/03/2023 is quite a special day, right? Well, what makes it even more special is the release of the exceptional single “Can You See the World” by the seasoned Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist, Filip Dahl.

I got introduced to the phenomenal artist, Filip Dahl, around this time a year ago when I listened to his instrumental piece, “Cry of a Broken Heart,” which you can find its review here. It’s been a year, yet I still remember how moving and powerful the piece was and how it conveyed intense emotions without a single word. This is due to the remarkable compositional talents of Dahl and how he performs passionately.

“Can You See the World,” on the other hand, has vocals that loudly and bravely send a coherent message in a coherent manner. As the title suggests, the song urges us all to take a look at the world, at our planet, and at our countries. Is it a safe place to inherit the children? Can they grow up and flourish in such an environment?

With an almost two-minute tuneful intro of poignant, polished guitar and electric piano work, one is seamlessly hooked and zestful. This tight structure of an introduction to the song might be the intense part in some songs, but considering how this one progresses, this is just a mellow warmup.

Once one is drawn into Filip Dahl’s mesmerizing realm, which is filled with harmonious layers and a solid progressive timbre, the instrumentation combines with the vocals and flows sophisticatedly in unison. The spicy tempo waves ascending throughout the song and the dense prog solo flood make one surf to the depths and be immersed in the peak of Dahl’s musicality.

Filip Dahl is a brilliant musician who doesn’t need my testimony! His music speaks for him. Watch the music video of “Can You See the World” below, and you’ll see his musical prowess for yourself, as well as see the world through his eyes.