The Italian rock act, Lato, is coming back with an iconic piece, “Camouflage,” to post their single, “Machine Head Warning,” that was released in May and makes us more eager to hear the anticipated album, “KARISMA.”

Lato means “side” in Italian, and it perfectly describes the trio’s spirit. Because they’re not limited to a side, and you’ll never have a clue what shape they’re a side of! Sonically and lyrically, they present a sophisticated material that will blow one’s mind with its ingenuity and boldness.

The aptly named “Camouflage” depicts the musical ruse of mixing many components to create a special formula that makes Lato stand out, as well as the lyrical concept of straining oneself to alter and fit the surroundings for acceptance and validation, till your true nature fades.

The foundation of “Camouflage” is made up of sassy, catchy riffs that keep you listening from intro to outro. The attractive, mesmerizing vocal delivery with its melodic, dismal timbre, along with the alt-rock, rock ‘n’ roll flavored with grange, stoner rock, and psychedelia plus a funky flavor, creates the intended mood of a smoky, blurry vision that results from constant camouflage.

The musical composition is made to make you feel nostalgic, yet it has an up-to-date production. You’ll be tasting the good rock era in the arrangement with a fresh kick that makes it sound timeless. The guitar riffs, the bass line, and the drumming are all dynamically resonating to simulate the sensations of an outcast, giving you the experience of hyping up and relating.

If there’s an outfit that can deliver a message and a soundscape that are equally flawless, it’s undoubtedly Lato.