Today I will be reviewing Paraffin’s new single “Call me over”. Paraffin are a rock band hailing from Portsmouth, United Kingdom. They consist of band members Tyler Adams and Tom Chapman on guitar, Tim Beavis on Bass, Jake Saunders on drums, and Frontman Billy Tea.

The music video accompanying the single is amazing, with insane graphics. It was a really well-crafted video. The drums in the song are immaculate and bring the song together to this badass rock anthem. This song sounds like the kind of song that you would play in a fight scene in a movie, it just makes you very excited! I would not be surprised if I found this single in a Marvel movie, it has amazing energy and it just makes you want to get up and get moving.

All in all, no wonder this band has more than 1000 streams to their name on Spotify, I predict that this band will make it SUPER big in the upcoming months. I’m glad to have heard them before they blow up super big.