Master Dy is releasing their latest single, the first to be released this year. The band has a strong fan base with over 1.8K listeners on Spotify only every month. They started releasing their music in 2020 followed by an 11-song album in 2021. The band is all about diversity and different backgrounds, they promote and support unusual and abstract ideas, as they simply don’t fall for social norms and religious beliefs. A total of 7 band members, Dy Moob the lead vocalist comes from a humble family and immigrated to Portugal and built everything from scratch. Then Draco the lead guitar player, Perseus on bass, and Hydra on drums. Last, we have Cepheus, Cethus, and Aquilla who are all rhythm guitar players and keyboard players, they don’t all stick to one role or instrument all the time, they like to switch on stage and not stick to a specific routine which makes it more interesting. “Call Me Master” is a power and hardcore metal song with heavy riffs and intense sound. A very skillfully put song with lots of layers that don’t overshadow each other keeping it all very balanced and delivering the right amount of intensity. I found their musicality, knowledge, and skills very capturing, and it shows throughout the song and how it all fits together. The band is planning to tour next year across Europe and South America.  Cheers!