Jessica Hadas

Call In Dead is a four-piece punk rock band from DC, NJ and Florida, they are four punk rock experienced veterans and that shows in today’s EP. They’re blending all of their influences with hardcore punk creating their very own unique sound while still being appealing to their audience. Call In Dead shared the stage with awesome acts like Iron Reagan, Doyle, The Virus, The Casualties, Bloodlet, The Gutter Demons and they are set to tour this year. They released so far, an EP, a set of digital singles, a live 7” and they have a full length on the way. Today we will be digging deep into their latest EP “DCxPC Live Vol. 1 Presents Call in Dead” which is a combination of 4 singles that were released and they decided to gather them here so the fans would enjoy them seamlessly so, let get into it.

The EP opens with “Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans” that hit you right in the face with a powerful headbanger intro that’ll make you jump around, then comes the hardcore verse and chorus with some melodies and fierce vocals and drumming. It has a lot of action I was surprised when I noticed those were only 2:11 mins!

“Summer Camp” comes next, at the beginning it has more punk vibes with a really cool bassline and a heavy verse then, it transitions into faster thrashy sound around the 1st minute. “Fight of the Bumblebee” has an awesome, fast, thrashy intro. As a matter of fact, “Fight of the Bumblebee” and the last song “Pepto Bismol” are super-fast and intense like a concentrated dose of brutality that’ll create lots of mosh pits and shows Call In Dead’s edge. 

“DCxPC Live Vol. 1 Presents Call in Dead” is an interesting and enjoyable EP. It has lots of cool riffs, lots of action and intensity that will satisfy any heavy music fan. Totally recommended for all of you headbangers out there.

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