Western vibes are always the coolest, the deserts and the sunny railroads amongst the cactus lands. When the red rock mountains inspire your rocking vibes. Cowboys are born as such.

Josh Long the San Fran’ self-taught musician released a new track titled “California Cowboy” with a stunning contemporary western vibe and experience mixed up with a modern pop theme.

California Cowboy” begins with a sharp western electric guitar riff along with classic guitar chords that formulate the baselines for the experience.

Josh Long’s incredible production skills take you on a trip from the West to the East by combining classic rock and modern pop music entailing the concept of the track, which is when a free spirit is stuck in the wrong place for a long period of time and becomes jaded.

California Cowboy” is sentimental and catchy at the same time, singing a catchy chorus and playing melodic tones that are put adequately to the lyrics give the track a shine that emerges through the production done by Josh himself to deliver the combination perfectly.