Following up on the release of Astral Swans’ catchy, nihilistic pop single, “The Coward,” Swans (also known as Matthew Swann) and garage legend Julie Doiron are releasing the entirety of their Split 2 7”. 

Focus track, Doiron’s “Last Night I Saw My Love,” is a stripped down, melodic love song spontaneously composed in winter 2023. Julie recorded it at home with her friends and collaborators Dany Placard (bass, engineering, mixing), and Colleen Coco Collins (drums and background vocals).

The song was written very quickly, in the wintertime. It just fell from the sky and into my head. It’s also about being in love with someone who lives far away. – Julie Doiron


Matthew Swann and Julie Doiron first crossed paths in 2006 when they were both signed to the same label with Swann’s then-band Hot Little Rocket. Since then, Julie and Matthew have been crossing paths all over their shared home country of Canada.

They have performed live together as well, with Julie contributing vocals to Astral Swans’ self-titled 2021 record as well.

Split 2 is a lesson in contrast, with Julie’s songs being joyful expressions of love, and Astral Swan’s contributions being absurdist slacker meditations on identity.

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