The band is known throughout London’s local scene for their special flavour of combining jazz, folk, electronic, and experimental music under the rock umbrella. There’s no doubt the music, as well as vocals, will blow your mind and you will find yourself subconsciously putting the song on the repeat mode over and over again. It was produced by Harri Chambers who recently worked with some of the most talked-about new artists including Moa Moa, Oscar Lang, Pixey, Matilda Mann, Yard Act, and Bess Atwell. These guys were very keen about the sound technicalities as much as they care about their music “In our live set we use a lot of natural push and pull of tempo and we wanted to express this on the record.”  this is how the band explained their recording process live-in-the-room to capture the energy of a full band performance. Finally, one of the main reasons to love this track was the singing style along with the lyrics itself, Leon (singer/songwriter) has a very unique vocal tone that I didn’t find any similar in 2021 so far, in addition to this he describes in his ‘Cabin Fever’ how it could be dangerous when we are overwhelmed because of some circumstances “This song was written a while ago when I had just started college. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed so I used it to spit out anything that was eating me up at the time.” – Leon explained.

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Mena Ezzat


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