As funky as it gets, and as rocking and rolling as it is, this huge music revolution is once again jumping back by the tones of Say Yes, Do Nothing the English band from London. Who are kicking some flaming benders in their hometown, the first upcoming gig will be on July 1 at 6pm for Camden Rocks at The Fiddlers Elbow Camden, London. So prepare your dancing boots or your bouncing sneaks for a hell of a classical bender.

Releasing “By The River” in a classic rock n roll manner is something the playlists miss those days, a classical. Sounding not very unlike Creedence Clearwater Revival it throws you back to that era, the golden 70’s.

Beginning with a seamless guitar licking that unfolds the wrapping of the rocking ballad then the drums kick in along with the rocking bluesy riffs along the magnificent vocals re-creating that golden rocking era.

The music is well played in “By The River” and enjoys good recording quality that reflects the era it’s influenced by, the vocals kept on blasting the ears until the solo came up and rode away up the river.

Well, I’m pretty sure that your playlists need some bluesy anthems and music you could dance your butts to, therefore you should jump off to play “By The River” and I challenge you to keep the steady motion.

And don’t forget to kick the steady motion out on July 1st at Camden Rocks at The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London at 6 PM for a rocking bluesy night and footloose.