Using influences such as The Beatles and The Doors, Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps use power-pop sounds to create a melody unlike any other, a song that fits multiple schemes and genres. Written solely for the sake of celebrating a new year with a clean slate and an open heart, Tom Tikka’s “By 2022” is also the ultimate post-heartbreak song, the farewell to a bad job or a family drama, a reminiscence on what life has got to ever. Particularly relevant after the pandemic has shaken the world everybody knew to the core, “By 2022” is a timeless song that could fit into any pop/alternative playlist for anybody going through an uplifting, easy-listening phase.

Interview with Tom Tikka

With 2 singles “Doormat” & “With Eyes Closed” reaching #1 on the iTunes hits list, Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps have a good chance of solidifying their musical presence as a Finnish band with a flair. “By 2022” is no simple retro-flavored pop track but more of a chant of the goodness and the hope that the world desperately needs during difficult times.

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Jaylan Salah