Have you experienced the magic of blending elements together with a great mixer at home to create something iconic? In his debut anthem “bUZZsAW,” American artist Cranial Rat Infestation achieved a unique blend of diversity and perfection. Let’s delve into the reasons why below.

Blending different genres together might seem simple at first, right? But are you completely certain about it? Sometimes, it can lead you to explore a whole new artistic realm or even face potential creative chaos. In his debut album, bUZZsAW, Cranial Rat Infestation has successfully introduced us to a fresh industrial perspective. Within the 4:36-minute track, you’ll experience a fusion of noise rock, industrial, garage, nu-metal, and even horror death-trap styles all rolled into one. How amazing is that? Truly impressive, without a doubt!

While his vocals possess a distinctive haunting raw style, it also exhibit high-end emotional qualities. The powerful soundscape, paired with skillful mixing, effectively conveys the track’s intended message. I feel that the mixing and mastering played a significant role in the success of this release.

Cranial Rat Infestation, a solo musician, demonstrates proficiency in multiple instruments and utilizes MIDI/DAW software to craft a distinct fusion of electronic and traditional music. With a deep love for music and a dedication to perfecting his compositions, he creates groundbreaking music that mirrors personal exploration and perseverance.

His musical journey began at a young age, and I think his battles with depression and anxiety contributed to the unique musical style he presents today. According to Cranial Rat Infestation, after crafting the initial riff, “bUZZsAW,” the rest of the track was completed in just 30 minutes. The production was polished off with an impactful sample in the introduction, making it a must-listen for any modern metal enthusiasts.

Ultimately, I firmly believe that our personal experiences are the primary driving force behind our creativity. Cranial Rat Infestation truly impressed me with his debut release, and I am eagerly anticipating their future work. Here’s to more great music!