Usually, indie rockers these days mix their elements and you can easily find their lack of experience, however, this isn’t the case here with the Atlanta, Georgia and New York rock duo, Hearts on Speed. 

Singer/songwriter David Yeend and guitarist/producer Mark Galis-Hall celebrate this year their 15 years musical collaboration. Their latest single, Buzz like Bess is one of those tunes that has a nice and impressive impact on your day. I love the song mix so much! And as I mentioned earlier this is the difference between experienced musicians and others who lack the ability to make the music fit properly. Guitars, vocals and drums here are my best lines indeed, and I love how the harmony is going so smoothly indeed. 

In fact, you can find the same glamorous output to their other releases like ‘Wire,’ and ‘So Serious.’ “The latest single, Buzz Like Bees, is a plea for a better life, a better love, one we knew, that we hope we can feel again.” – the band stated. As you can see the meaning of the song is very powerful and it touches an important topic that everyone has faced in their lives. I believe that sometimes words aren’t the best fit to describe the beauty of music, so feel the vibes below!