A peppy, driving, and exhilarating ride into Patty’s childhood memories, adorned with a pristine and crisp production job, resulting in a memorable, fiery single that can’t wait for the summer season, and all the countless drives to the beach when blasting this song on full volume will feel so right. 

Patty, also known by his stage name ‘Salads’, or ‘PattySalads’ is a multicultural, traveled, and passionate individual who, at just 20 years of age, have already moved countries 3 times, dropped out of college to pursue something that resonated more with him, took a film course in sunny Cali, and is now launching a solid music career, with a memorable sound that we will dig deeper into right now.

Born and raised in Bangkok before moving to London, then to California, then back to Epsom, Patty combines his musical influences from growing up in order to craft his sound, and it is that sound that we find on ‘butterfly sans’, his last single. Butterfly sans is a pop-punk song that leans more on the pop side of things, borrowing from punk its traditional driving beats, breakneck pace, and simplistic rhythms. The sound is sweet and rhythmically energetic, with a chorus that contrasts the verses in a brilliant way; using largely the same chord progression, the chorus replaces a prominent guitar part that plays a riff of consistent 16th notes that’s relatively dry and focused, for a vast and massive synth sound that sounds puffy, airy, and cloudy, filling in all the gaps before it recedes again into the dry and rhythmic riff, the result is a clear and driving dichotomy between the different song sections that effortlessly keeps things engaging and keeps the anticipation high.

Butterfly sans can be described as nice and easy, or exhilarating and driving. It’s a very rare occurrence in my experience that a song can sound so high-octane and pumping, yet stay perfectly accessible and easy on the senses, and butterfly sans owes this to a fantastic production job, neat and minimal songwriting, and a playful attitude that hides within it an unexpected artistic maturity that puts Patty, at 20 years old, way above most of his peers.