Jacob Romero

Strumbrush started out as a solo indie project which turned into an experimental rock band. They just released a single from their debut album ‘Way Back’. Burnt out is the second track in the album out of 9 tracks in total. The band has a unique and usual sound, although they fall under the alternative rock genre, yet they have their own artistic and unique style of showing it to the listeners. They keep the identity of the alternative rock genre while mixing it with different fusions of jazz harmony, folk, and noise. ‘Burnt out’ has a few unusual sound effects between distorted guitars, noisy sound effects, jazzy chord progressions, and a feeling of diminished chords and augmented cadences. The quartet is a mix of interesting backgrounds and influences starting with Foster Wells, singer, and songwriter, Kalen Schaffer on drums with his immaculate swinging style, Tyler Sherman on bass, and finally, Jack Pace on lead guitar, vocalist, and a remarkable sound designer. Each of these musicians brings in his own individuality and skills to create an unusual encounter with eclectic sounds and an immaculate taste. The vocal style gives a sleepy, depressed vibe which works perfectly with the lyrics as they say “we’re sorry, it’s too late” repeatedly.