Buffalo-based metalcore beasts Red Letter dropped their latest single off their upcoming EP “Ghost Chant” on the 13th of July 2022 and it is HEAVY AF!

With powerful hard-hitting music matching their powerful message, Red Letter sends a message of support and solitude reminding everyone in need that he/she is strong enough. 

“Burn it Down” brutally opens with an energetic blasting riff and machinegun blasting beats that carry the verse to a neck-breaking pre-chorus with an incredibly heavy riff. The chorus hits with an open sound and great catchy vocal melodies with pounding drums before getting back to the banger verse. Around the 1:50 minute mark comes guest vocalist Shawn Spann from I,

The Breather contribution. It is raw and brutal, ending with a beasty WHERE WERE YOU growl!

Hold on to your seat before the breakdown after the second chorus coz, it’s going to throw you off it headbanging! They then smoothly shift into a slow melodic beautiful piano interlude that keeps progressing and growing into a bigger, more powerful sound. As true as Red Letter to their metalcore brutal roots, they end it with a nasty brutal riff with dual brutal vocals that made me play “Burn it Down” over and over again.

“Burn it Down” is one hell of a brutal and powerful headbanger by Red Letter. It has everything I would wish for as a metalhead, amazing diverse vocals, blasting relentless drums, fat bass, neck-breaking riffs, and melodies. It has powerful dynamics with a super interesting structure and neat production. Can’t wait for the “Ghost Chant” EP to drop, Will be sharing this with everyone. Cheers!