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At ten years old Icelandic singer/songwriter Aldís Fjóla’s eyes opened to the possibility of expressing her emotions through music. Inspired by the melancholic landscape she started writing dramatic lyrics and as she grew up her passion grew with her. In her teen years, she was introduced to grunge and rock and decided this would be her emotional outlet. A few years later, she collaborated with musician and sound engineer Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson who helped her bring her music to life. Her debut record “Shadows” was released in 2020 and they’re planning to release a grungy EP in October 2022 and today, we’re gonna take a deep look into this EP through their latest single “Burn”.

“Burn” slowly starts with a sweet melancholic clean grungy guitar riff alongside Aldís Fjóla’s expressive dark vocals, they both have magnificent chemistry as they smoothly flow towards the bridge and into a powerful groovy rocking chorus. The marching drums and galloping guitar melody created a perfect build-up for the chorus’ groove and I love how the vocal line added to this groove. Aldís Fjóla’s voice softly leads us to a heavy banger outro with an intense drumline and a melody that kept ringing in my ears for quite some time. “Burn” is one of those songs that represents a perfect collaboration, each element added a lot to the mood and flow creating an emotional piece that easily takes the listener to their own world.

“Burn” is a sneak peek of what Aldís Fjóla and Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson can offer. It’s a solid piece with solid dynamics and good command and knowledge of the sound they both want to produce. Will be definitely checking out the rest of Aldís Fjóla’s stuff and waiting for more releases. Cheers!