Luke Baker

To kick off 2022, Juniper Avenue has released “Bumfuzzle,” their first single of the year. If you’d like to get a better understanding of the song, as well as a little information on the performers, keep reading!

Juniper Avenue is a North Carolina-based band that has blown our minds with the release of “Bumfuzzle,” which features Jeremy Adinolfi (Drums), Luke Baker (Guitar, Vocals), Cody Everest (Bass), and Graham Levy (Lead Guitar). We may immediately consider this three-minute rocker an instant classic because it draws on so many different genres and styles of music, including psychedelic, garage, and classic rock. 

This is an excellent, honest, and well-rounded track from the band’s upcoming album, “Chuck Rock.” The musicianship on display at Juniper Avenue is far beyond their years as young adults. Stepping things up a notch, the groove kicks in right away and keeps the record’s fast paced momentum. The strength of the guitars is also an enjoyable element. 

The band writes songs that weave together the abstract emotions of young life with the vivid fantasy of young romance. Despite the genre’s age, alternative rock acts like Juniper Avenue illustrate that the genre’s sound is still vibrant and dynamic.

There is more to the band than alternative rock. Quite the contrary, this track exhibits explorations into punk rock, rock ’n’roll, and power pop. It’s possible that some listeners will find Juniper Avenue’s eclectic style a bit overwhelming; however, the stylistic choices reflected in the track give the band a unique and original sound. They infused Bumfuzzle with a smattering of their favourite elements from several genres. This is something you’ll notice as soon as you listen to the song. A radio-edited version of the song is also included, and you can listen to both tracks on your favourite streaming platforms.